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Planning on being away from your home, condo or apartment for more than a couple of days? Let us look after your house in your absence. You will be able to holiday or travel secure in the knowledge your home is being well looked after and that you can check-in any time via your own portal to get updates after each check performed by us.

Are you considering selling your residence and may have to vacate your home before you sell?  Did you purchase but are unable to occupy your new home right away?  Do you have an Air BnB or vacant property that needs to be checked on? Let us take the pressure off you and look after your property in your absence.

Following the Best Practices in the Home Watch Industry

Whether you are planning on going out of town for work, school, or vacation, you want to rest easy, knowing that your home is going to be taken care of while you are gone. You will now be able to relax knowing your home is in the very best of hands while you’re away and will be ready for you upon your return.

We follow the best practices in the industry. Through the National Home Watch Association, we are networked with over 350+ other Home Watch Service providers in Canada, the United States and Australia. We work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest and best practices in our industry so we can provide you with the best service possible.

House Sitting

Why Do People Trust Airdrie Home Watch Services for House Sitting Services?

To us, you, our client, are our #1 priority.  We have the experience and have taken training specifically to provide you with the service you deserve and demand.  Some considerations:


We cannot prevent vandalism or break-ins. In the event your property becomes the victim of a break-in or vandalism, prompt reporting to police is critical in finding those responsible. Using our Home Watch service will give your property the appearance of being occupied, deterring any criminal activity. You can rest more comfortable, knowing that we are using specific techniques to protect your property.



Have a light cleaning done before your return. We can arrange for your preferred cleaning service to come and complete the cleaning. Photos and reports will be uploaded to your own portal for your review.



Similar to cleaning, should your property need maintenance, we will provide access for your approved contractor. Upon completion of their work, your residence will be secured, and a report uploaded to your portal. Your home will be mechanically sound for your return.


We can collect your mail on a regular basis in your absence. In the event there is mail you wish to have forwarded to you, we can also arrange to have this done as often as you desire.


Accidents and mishaps to occur. Most insurance companies require policyholders to have their residences checked every 72 hours in their absence in Canada. Failure to prove to insurance companies you have someone providing these checks could lead to a "denied claim". With our service, not only will you be secure in the knowledge your home is well looked after, but you will also have the proof your home was meeting your insurance requirements, should the need to file a claim arise. Please check your policy or with your agency to confirm your insurance requirements.

RVs & Vehicles

Weekly starts, where the vehicle is left to run for a couple of minutes, can be arranged for any vehicle left behind.

Above are just a few of the biggest reasons why so many people trust Certified Home Watch Professionals for their house sitting needs.

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